Morton McCann helps businesses to implement the management systems that allow them to grow whilst continuing to satisfy their customers, meet regulatory and compliance requirements, remain secure, and be prepared for the unexpected.

We work with you to identify the right management systems and ISO certifications for you and your customers.

Once identified, we will build a programme to implement the systems and achieve certification, including; business case development, implementation support, appointment of certifying bodies, training, internal audit, readiness reviews, and advice on supporting technologies.

Management Strategy

Growing a business either by entering new markets or expanding in existing markets carries risk. Our experience in technology markets, and in particular public sector business helps you to understand the risks and opportunities.

By paying particular attention to the compliance landscape, we help you to identify the management systems that will support your growth.

Implementation Support

If you’re a smaller business with fewer than fifty staff, implementing new management systems, or refining existing systems for certification can distract from your core business.

We focus on smaller organisations, providing them with implementation support, and guiding them through the process from developing a business case, through implementation, appointing a certifying body, all the way to achieving certification.

Internal Audit

Internal audit identifies opportunities for improvement, and identifies non-conformances before they compromise your business.

Smaller businesses don’t always have the headcount for dedicated internal audit staff.

Morton McCann’s team is able to manage an internal audit programme for you, ensuring that you retain your certification, and continue to improve your business.

Information Management Strategy

Information management is at the core of quality management. Policies and procedures need to be controlled, records need to be retained, and the right information needs to be shared with the right people at the right time.

With over thirty years of experience in information management, we can help you to identify the right suppliers, ask the the right questions, and get the implementation that best suits your business.