Why an environmental management system is becoming a “must have” for all businesses

Your customers are expecting you to take responsibility for your environmental impact. You need a plan.

Climate risk reporting and ISO 14001

UK Businesses must report their climate risks to investors from 2021. The announcement by Chancellor Rishi Sunak means that from 2021, premium listed companies on the London Stock Exchange must include climate-related information in their accounts. Businesses that do not take climate change seriously will find this to be a challenge.   Business still ignoring […]

Effective Complaints Handling

Implementing and operating an effective complaints process takes commitment, confidence, and leadership.  Management needs to foster a culture where complaints are facilitated, and staff are empowered to resolve them.  Analysing complaints and feedback enables improvements in products and services, and in the complaints process itself.

STEP – what does your new normal look like?

“The New Normal” is becoming the defining phrase for the recovery post coronavirus.  There’s an emerging agreement that life after this outbreak of coronavirus will be quite different to what it was just a few months ago.   But what does the phrase stand for?   And what does it mean for you? There is the bigger, […]

Not All Flights Are Equal

Flying business class may be considered a perk, but it adds considerably to your carbon footprint.

ISO 22301:2019 – What’s changed for business continuity?

ISO 22301 is the gold standard for business continuity management. ISO (the International Standards Organisation) released a new version of the standard in October 2019. In this article, we’ll take a look at what’s new, what’s changed, and what’s gibe away in the new revision. Less prescription, more discretion There are no new requirements in […]

Not all information is digital

When you’re looking at information security, remember that not all of your information is digital. Physical security needs to be addressed, too.

RIP = Relevant Interested Party

Who are your business’s “Interested Parties”? What do they require of you? How do you balance their interests while growing your business?

“Why should we get certified? We got this far without it…”

Having your business’s management systems audited against an internationally recognised standard increases customer confidence and helps you to grow your business.