Why an environmental management system is becoming a “must have” for all businesses

Canary Wharf Group has joined with 411 major corporations worldwide in committing to a science-based environmental strategy over the next decade.  The group has committed to verifiable targets of reducing its carbon emissions by 65%, and significantly “to ensure that 60% of its suppliers will have adopted Science Based Targets by 2025

That means that if a company wants to do business with Canary Wharf Group, it will need to sign-up to verifiable environmental targets. 

And it’s not just Canary Wharf Group.  If your company wants to do business with organisations as diverse as AstraZeneca, Diageo, Mars, Unilever, Xerox, Mercedes-Benz, HSBC, and Starbucks then you need to start working on your environmental strategy.

Businesses, governments, and individuals need to take responsibility for reducing their environmental impacts.  Governments have signed up to protocols with various degrees of enthusiasm, but the current carbon pledges are insufficient to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement, and many countries are failing to meet their obligations, preferring to point their fingers at each other than engage with their own emissions.

While the world will need to reach net zero, those of us who can afford to move faster and go further should do so…

Brad Smith | President, Microsoft Corp.

Microsoft’s commitment to being carbon-negative by 2030 includes “enabling and incentivising” its suppliers to reduce their emissions starting in 2021.  This includes implementing consistent and accurate reporting to make progress against Science Based Targets.

Microsoft’s suppliers need to make their environmental plans, now.

Getting your environmental management system certified to ISO 14001 demonstrates to your customers that you are using best practices in identifying and controlling the significant environmental aspects of your business.

If you don’t already have an environmental management system, it’s time to start implementing, because those big customers that you’re chasing are going to expect you to have one.

Morton McCann can help you to implement an environmental management system that meets the ISO 14001 standard.  For further information, please complete our contact form, and we’ll call you back.